Promoting my book as a self-published author

9781449013202_cover.inddI was thinking about promoting my book with radio today.

I called many radio stations for 30 seconds ad too see how expensive. Well, it was about $900.  I felt that it was way too much for me to pay right now.  You know, being a self-publisher,  you need to do so much stuff.

Pay for printing,  after the product is ready, you have to do marketing. So, you need to have press-release, business cards, and press kits…….Making these are not cheep. After you are ready for marketing, do not forget, you still need a good review for your book.

Where can you get the review of your book?  Well…if you want a decent one for your SELF-published book, you actually have to pay. Many people do only published author from actual publishing company. Others will do, but you still end up waiting for 3 months or so to process. If you are in a hurry, you have to pay someone…then, they will write your review within a month.  If you ask someone to review your book, you still have to pay the shipping. It is not cheap, isn’t it??

After considering my budget and everything, I decided to promote my book online. Not a traditional way of marketing. It is too expensive for me to afford traditional way.

As I wrote it before, without the effort, any book will not succeed…it does not matter if a book is really good or not…If you do not market it right, the book will die.

Anyway, right now, I am waiting for my press release to arrive. I ordered one from my publisher. After I get it, I will submit it through PRWeb.

Then, I will write more about how is it going.

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