Promote your book with blog…is it possible?

I am a self-published author. I should promote my book in any ways possible.

I do not know much about online world including blogging. One of my friends told me to promote my book by using a blog. Then, I came across with this question;

Is it possible to promote my book by using a blog?

Answer is maybe… Some people said that it is time consuming, but if you make a time for blog and do the effort, people will follow you.  Right….so, doing anything is a time consuming and effort. It is just same thing as doing marketing offline. All you need is you have to care about the project, in this case, your blog. Ok…I will make it..and say yes to the question by the September of next year.

It is a worth to try…Blog is a free, anyway. What do I lose from this?

-Nothing.  Besides, my motto is you cannot say anything unless you really try it.

So, Let’s see.

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  1. I’ve wondered about this myself and have been considering it. I don’t have a book published yet as I’m working on revisions so this is all new to me. Neither am I very technologically astute. I look forward to following your progress.

    • Yes..I know. It is hard…But, I will keep posting on the marketing process.
      It is tough right now because of the economy.
      But, I will try my best.

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