Promoting my book as a self-published author

9781449013202_cover.inddI was thinking about promoting my book with radio today.

I called many radio stations for 30 seconds ad too see how expensive. Well, it was about $900.  I felt that it was way too much for me to pay right now.  You know, being a self-publisher,  you need to do so much stuff.

Pay for printing,  after the product is ready, you have to do marketing. So, you need to have press-release, business cards, and press kits…….Making these are not cheep. After you are ready for marketing, do not forget, you still need a good review for your book.

Where can you get the review of your book?  Well…if you want a decent one for your SELF-published book, you actually have to pay. Many people do only published author from actual publishing company. Others will do, but you still end up waiting for 3 months or so to process. If you are in a hurry, you have to pay someone…then, they will write your review within a month.  If you ask someone to review your book, you still have to pay the shipping. It is not cheap, isn’t it??

After considering my budget and everything, I decided to promote my book online. Not a traditional way of marketing. It is too expensive for me to afford traditional way.

As I wrote it before, without the effort, any book will not succeed…it does not matter if a book is really good or not…If you do not market it right, the book will die.

Anyway, right now, I am waiting for my press release to arrive. I ordered one from my publisher. After I get it, I will submit it through PRWeb.

Then, I will write more about how is it going.

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Promote your book with blog…is it possible?

I am a self-published author. I should promote my book in any ways possible.

I do not know much about online world including blogging. One of my friends told me to promote my book by using a blog. Then, I came across with this question;

Is it possible to promote my book by using a blog?

Answer is maybe… Some people said that it is time consuming, but if you make a time for blog and do the effort, people will follow you.  Right….so, doing anything is a time consuming and effort. It is just same thing as doing marketing offline. All you need is you have to care about the project, in this case, your blog. Ok…I will make it..and say yes to the question by the September of next year.

It is a worth to try…Blog is a free, anyway. What do I lose from this?

-Nothing.  Besides, my motto is you cannot say anything unless you really try it.

So, Let’s see.

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Some of the Fantasy movies are wired

I saw Harry Potter today.

I was watching it and made me think about Harry. Why he did not use his magic when the house was burning? If he is the greatest wizard, how come he does not use his skill when he needed?

I liked the movie and books, however the particular sceen did not make any sense.

Then, I watched the new movie trailer,Avatar, directed by James Cameron.

Ok…Fantasy story…I understand.

Why many fantasy movie character needs that kind of ear? Like  Startrek, Lord of the Rings and this movie…Do you guys think that the ear makes better for the movie? Or that kind of Alien would bring you a success??

I felt some of the fantasy movies are wired.

Maybe next time, when I write a book, I should put some kind of alien…so, my book will be a best seller….just kidding.

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Fawcetta is Now Available!

9781449013202_cover.inddFinally, My book , Fawcetta is on sale at  and

I am very happy to see that my book is listed on two major websites.

It was very exciting for me to finish writing the manuscript, but it is more exciting to see my book is on-sale.

I can finally touch my book.

It was my dream to have my work published.

Yeah…people look down on my book because it was self-published. But hey, I can say now that I am a published author.

Besides, how many people can actually pursue their dream in their life time?

I can at least say , I did.

My dream book is next to me now.

I am very happy.

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Dalian Artanian was born in Midland Texas in 1969. He was raised by his grandmother, Julia, and lived in many small country towns on the plains of Texas. Dalian read many fantasy books in his free time and enjoyed science fiction movies that took him to worlds he’d never imagined existed.

At an early age, Dalian decided to become a fantasy writer, wanting to take people out of their everyday lives and into new and exciting places. Dalian began writing short stories and took many creative writing classes in order to enhance his writing skills. In the summer of 1999, Dalian fulfilled one of many dreams by meeting his mentor, the director Oliver Stone.Dalian auditioned with him and received a small part as an obnoxious fan in the movie, ‘Any Given Sunday.’ This pushed the author even more toward wanting to achieve his greatest dream: Giving readers new nad fresh stories and taking them on fantastic journeys and adventures. Dalian hopes to one day be able to direct a full length film. Dalian Artanian currently lives with his wife Ayumi, in Santa Clara, California.

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