Fawcetta (Voices and Echoes Of The Coliseum Volume 2) Release Date May 1st 2011




The land stood very still as the morning sun peeked over the snow-covered mountains; the rivers and streams lit up with the early dawn. Two hovering sky-cycles with two men sitting on them were visible through the cool mist. Nizon, the lead Guardian, looked upon his digital pad for signs of any incoming enemy. As he observed carefully, at his side, General Arkanon gave orders on his Ear-Kalm to the rest of the Guardians, making sure everyone was ready. On the west side of the valley of Adorya, the young captain Dalian Artanian walked among his battalion of troops, all preparing their battle-cycles and checking their weapons to make sure everything was working properly.  The last thing they needed was malfunctioning equipment in the middle of a battle. 

            At the palace in Adorya, the emperor stood outside his balcony fully dressed in his battle uniform. It had been many centuries since he last wore it.  The petite Guardian, Kaina, slowly walked up behind him.

“You shouldn’t worry,” she said. “We have the whole Empire of Adorya and Artyrius covered from any unexpected surprises.”

Kalzein turned around and faced Kaina, yet she could see in his eyes that he had something more on his mind than the actual battle itself. 

“What would you have me do, my Emperor?” asked the young Guardian, slowly bowing her head in respect. Kalzein turned and looked up at the rising sun behind the mountaintops, then turned back to face the Guardian.

“Do what you must. No matter what, do not recoil in the face of death. Meet it head-on with all your heart and soul. Fight proudly, and fight knowing you are doing what you were meant to do, even if it means handing my children their death.”  

Kaina stood in silence as she heard the orders from her emperor. She was not yet able to believe what was happening. How could she hand such a fate to the only friend she had ever known, one to whom she had been close for years? 

“Please excuse me.” Kaina ran out of the room and through the front door of the palace. There, she suddenly found herself crying, unable to control herself any longer. The Guardian’s moment was silenced when a loud explosion captured her full attention. At a distance, she could see escape drones flying off the flaming battle tower. Kaina looked around, and could hear a rumbling sound approaching them from behind the palace. She ran quickly back inside the palace to make sure the emperor would be well-protected.  Running up the steps leading to the throne, she saw the emperor standing still out on the balcony.

“Kalzein, please get back in here before they see you!” Kaina exclaimed. No sooner had she told the emperor to get back inside when she saw an approaching flyer aiming straight at him. Kaina ran up to the emperor and grabbed him quickly as the battle flyer shot at them. The pulsar blasts ripped through the base of the balcony with such force that they threw both Kaina and the emperor on their backs.  Stone and debris filled the inner throne chamber; the thick dust and smoke made it hard for them to see. Kaina grabbed the Emperor by the arm and dragged him out of the throne chamber into the next room.

“Let me go Kaina, I can take care of myself. Go now and help the Guardians. I’ll take care of these traders,” said the emperor as he stood up on his own two feet. “My job is to protect you at any cost. I’m not leaving you here alone no matter what you say to me.” The Emperor looked at Kaina and smiled. “Very well. You lead, I’ll follow.” The Guardian told the emperor to follow her outside to her sky-craft as the enemy continued to fire upon the palace.

Deep in the valley and not too far away, Arkanon and Nizon stood and watched the situation. “Arkanon, take the east side and I’ll come in from the west; Dalian will come in from the North.”  Arkanon nodded and flew away. Nizon tapped on his ear-piece and Dalian answered, “Yes Nizon?” The leader of the Guardians instructed the captain on how they were to attack.  Finishing their conversation, Dalian looked back at his waiting army and gave the word: “All right, we have our orders. Now the palace is under siege: our job is to make sure the emperor gets out safely, and to do whatever needs to be done so the palace doesn’t fall under enemy control.”  One of Dalian’s officers asked, “How many battalions are we going up against?”  The captain looked down at his digital pad and stayed silent for a few moments.   “There’s a total of twelve. Nizon said the back of the palace is safe, but I’m very worried about the south end of the palace.” 

The officer took out his own digital pad and looked at it for a second. “What would you like us to do, captain?”  Dalian looked up and around the valley in deep thought, “I’ll take the sky-cycles to the south side of the palace to be sure everything is fine. If anything should happen, we will be there as a shield. You take charge of this end, and only move forward on Nizon’s command.” 

On the north side of the palace, a mile from its front gates, Nerysta and her brother stood side by side reviewing their plans of attack, and discussing which battalion should move in first. 

“We should have the Anthians come in from the south side; Father will never expect us attacking from the back end of the palace,” the princess said to her brother, lavishly dressed in his black, gold and purple military uniform.  Nerysta herself was also dressed in her fine clothes, wearing her black and grey pants covered with a solid grey mini-skirt, and her matching grey and black striped jacket adorned in chainmail around the shoulders. 

Denucian turned off the titanium oval digital pad and handed it to his sister. “Go with what’s in your heart, sister of mine. I am going to meet our enemies head-on.” “Always dramatic you are, brother. I do like the idea: while they are busy fighting you and your grand army, I’ll be busy coming in from the back.” The prince mounted his sky-cycle, grabbing his battle helmet off the right handle. “Let’s make a wager: whoever gets to father first is the winner.” Nerysta smiled, taking the purple and gold helmet from her brother’s hand and putting it on his head.  “Sounds like a good bet, though I would make it a little harder. I say whoever gets to Father first and kills him is the winner.”

“Easy enough, what does the winner get for achieving such a task?” Nerysta walked over and mounted her own sky-cycle. “The winner gets father’s place for their own.” The princess put on her battle helmet with a smile, starting her cycle. Denucian nodded and hit his throttle, dashing off towards his army in waiting.

Kaina and the emperor reached the sky-craft and quickly boarded it. The young Guardian started her engines and put the sky-craft into flight, then turned the craft around and hovered above the palace’s main court. The emperor looked over at Kaina, wondering what she was thinking of doing. Kaina put her craft onto auto-pilot and opened her door. “What are you doing, Kaina?” asked the emperor as the Guardian looked back at him.

“You watch my back from the sky, I need to go down and help the guards at the palace. They’ll not be able to hold the front gates for long.” Before the emperor could even say a word the Guardian leapt off the sky-craft, falling twenty feet and landing in the middle of the palace court on her two feet. Quickly, she took out her boezein and looked around at the situation at hand.

A pulsar canon blew apart the front palace gates, knocking Kaina backward off her feet. The palace guards raced toward the blown gates with their weapons in hand.  “Fire!” yelled one of the guards as they all began firing their pulsar guns towards the incoming enemy.

Back on her feet, Kaina ran to help the guards when a sky-cycle came over the walls and almost took her head off. Kaina spun around, throwing her boezein at the sky-cycle and knocking its rider off. The man slowly took off his helmet, revealing none other than the prince himself. “Denucian? You almost hit me with your cycle.”

“I meant to hit you Kaina, but I missed. A mistake on my part.” Kaina walked up slowly to Denucian, facing him as she slowly bent down and grabbed her weapon off the stone-colored marble floor of the palace court.

All was chaos outside the palace gates as the Guardians and Neroceffians battled. With pulsar guns firing and swords clashing and slashing, the big battle over the empire began at full force. Over on the east side of the palace wall, Nizon and Arkanon yelled at their battalions to push forward. General Bavaius’ battalions met Arkanon’s head-on, both armies hitting each other like the ocean’s waves crashing upon the face of a cliff.

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Review of Fawcetta by Fran Lewis

I loved this book. I was careful not to give away too much but I get carried away when a book is first rate. I hope to have the pleasure of reviewing the sequel. I love the ending it keeps the reader on the edge of their seat wanting more.

Fawcetta On a planet that is ruled by an Emperor and Empress who are concerned with the fate of their planet, comes a story of lies, deceit and manipulation that you will keep you spellbound until you read the very last page and then long for more.

With the fate of their planet at stake the Emperor and the Empress of Fawcetta must find a way to protect his Empire and to keep his family safe. A planet protected by Guardians whose purpose is to make sure that the their world is protected, relates that there is trouble coming and it will take all of their strength to overcome the adversity they will have to face and more.

Enter into this story several important and vital characters: Empress Nikira, Emperor Kalzein, Princess Nerysta, her brother Denucian, the captain, the guardians and more. But, which of these characters can be trusted and who wants the power and rule of Fawcetta? Who will go to any lengths to destroy the peace and safety of these people?

Added to this we have Kaina, Nerysta’s her best friend and Guardian who has received a message from what the author refers to as the Voice who forewarns her that darkness and evil will befall her planet. Frightened and scared she asks how this can be stopped and the answer will astound the reader. Finding her soul mate and opening the seventh gate of the Penakod was the only salvation for the planet. Someone was trying to open the gates to the planet and now she was charged with the duty to make sure that did not happen. But, finding her soul-mate was only part of the battle and saving the world together will lead to more tragedy and test the bonds of friendship are more fragile than the outer shell of an egg.

As in Roman and Greek times and in many cultures today in order to succeed to the thrown of a country or to begin your right of passage as an adult you need to pass certain tests or go through certain rituals. In Fawcetta, the young adults have to go through many phases or trials in order to gain their right of passage. But, a person does not control the severity of the trials and the tasks they have to complete but by the building they enter in order to complete their trials: The Coliseum. But, each person’s trial and the tasks are determined by the Coliseum and no one can help or interfere. But, when Princess Nerysta enters the building to begin her Trials, the fear for her life becomes great when her family and friends realize that she is not being treated as a Princess but as a Guardian. The tasks are more difficult, more dangerous and seem to increase in difficulty as she completes each one.

As the Princess enters the Coliseum and begins her trials it is evident that things are going to get more dangerous and no one seems to now why or who is controlling what the Coliseum is dishing out to her. Will she be allowed to have some help or will she fail and die?

Nerysta faces many dangerous creatures called sematars that come at her from all directions. Using the same weapon that a Guardian would call a Boezin she soon learns its powers and how it will help her live or die. But, no one can change the course of the events or is allowed to question the Voice and what it has planned for her in the Coliseum. But, will she survive alone or will someone come to her rescue and help her complete her trials and survive. But, who is behind this and what will happen next will astound the reader.

When the trials are over and everyone is celebrating the unexpected happens. There is a huge earthquake the capital of Fawcetta is under attack by a group called the Anaki’s. Behind it their Queen who has an agenda of her own. She not only wants to destroy the Emperor and his kingdom but she intends to help his brother take his place on the throne.

Out of nowhere comes a brave young man named Dalian who helps Guardians against the attack and soon ingratiates himself with the entire royal family and Kaina. Helping Kaina during her trials he is given the rank of captain in the army but when the celebration begins to honor both Kaina and Dailan he disappears and no one knows where.

With a Prince who believes the thoughts of a wicked Queen who has attacked his father’s kingdom and questions his ability to rule wisely, and an Uncle who wants the throne at any cost, you will not believe the end result of what finally happens. A Prince who will do anything to achieve his ambitions and goals even if it means going against what is right, and a Princess that falls prey to his desires, will forever change and demolish the peace that this planet once knew.

Someone is trying to open the Gates of Penakod. Only the voice and the Emperor know the correct sequence of how to open these gates and avoid total destruction. When the Queen of Anaki tells the Prince that the gates hold the power to make whoever opens them a god among his people and gets eternal life, the Prince begins to think that maybe this is true and questions his mother and father.

What happens next you will not believe and will have to read for yourself. Two friends, Nersyta and Kaina who are like sisters and the best of friends will soon have their friendship testeed . One a princess who now wants revenge and the other sworn to keep the Emperor and the people of Fawcetta save. What happens when the Empress decides to take matters into her own hands and find out the truth behind the gates? Who will win the battle for the throne: the prince and princess or the Emperor? You will have to wait for the sequel to come out. I know I want to find out the fate of the characters.


My name is Nerysta and I am the Princess on the planet Fawcetta. I am about to enter in a fight for my life. I have trained hard in order to pass my Trials or as many would call it the tests for my right of passage as an adult. But, all of my practicing, rehearsing and training did not prepare me for what I would encounter when I entered the Coliseum to begin the four trials I would have to pass my tests and survive. You see, if I fail I will not come out and there is no one to help me after entering the building. In this planet there are those that are called Guardians whose job is to protect the people of Fawcetta along with the military. But, one Guardian and my best friend, Kaina learns that the planet and the people are in danger and that the only way to safe the planet from total destruction is for her to find her soul mate and together they will save the planet. But, at what cost you would not believe.

My name is Kaina and I am a Guardian whose loyalty to the Emperor and Empress will be tested far beyond that of any other Guardian. With the help of many of the other Guardians and a man named Dalian who appears out of nowhere the battles are fought and won. But, the real one has yet to come.

Which one of us will come out the victor? You will have to read the sequel and find out. This book keeps the reader in suspense and wanting more. This is a first rate fantasy book but much more. Loyalty, friendship, family ties and understanding are at the root of this great novel. What will happen? Only the author knows for sure.

To the author Dalian: I commend you for putting yourself as the unsung hero. I never give stars when reviewing a book: I give this book five brave guardians to help save the Fawcetta and Five Boezins to help them win. Fran Lewis: reviewer

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Book review Contest at Facebook, Twitter and Myspace!!

My book review contest has begun from 9/13-9/24 in three social network sites.

This is the rules.

You have to go to AuthorHouse websites.

Here is the link: http://www.authorhouse.com/Bookstore/ItemDetail.aspx?bookid=63134

You need to read the free preview…yes, it is free. You have nothing to lose.

Then, write a review about the chapter on Facebook, Twitter or Myspace.

The best reviewer will get a free copy of Fawcetta with my signature on it!

Hurry up!

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New Fantasy Novel Chronicles Fate of Fawcetta

9781449013202_cover.inddDalian Artanian Takes Readers on an Odyssey Filled with Mystery, Deceit and Romance

SAN JOSE, Calif. – A prophecy that foretells the coming of a great evil will send the great empire of Adorya and its royal family into a whirlwind of betrayal and chaos in Dalian Artanian’s engaging new science-fiction novel, Fawcetta: Voices and Echoes of the Coliseum Volume I (published by AuthorHouse).


Fawcetta begins in the Redwood forest of Artyrius, where three friends, the Guardian Kaina; Princess Nerysta; and Prince Denucian are playing a game. But back in the palace of Adorya, Nerysta and Denucian’s father, Kalzein, is preparing for the worst. In light of a prophecy that foretells of a great evil that will swallow all love in the world and leave it a barren and desolate place, the emperor is making plans to protect the greatest asset of the planet Fawcetta – the Penakod. His family is unconcerned, only knowing centuries of peace, and chooses to delight over plans for Princess Nerysta’s birthday the following day.


Apart from the royal family, Kaina is interrupted by an apparition appearing within a waterfall. From the apparition a voice calls out, and Kaina realizes that it is the Voice, an almost godlike figure in Fawcetta, warning her of a dark storm approaching the planet. The Voice also reveals that she is a part of the planet’s salvation, a part of the myth that states that the seventh Gate of Penakod, and the world’s salvation, can only be opened by two soulmates willing to sacrifice their love. Unbelieving, Kaina is bewildered when the Voice presents her with a Boezein, a majestically powerful weapon that can only be bestowed upon a Guardian if they pass the trials of the coliseum. From this point on, Kaina must accept her fate and seek out her partner.


Despite the surety of the darkness’ descent, Nerysta must still face the rite of passage of every royal Guardian: to pass the trials of the coliseum. But the latter stages of the trials become unexpectedly difficult and dangerous until Bavius, the captain of the Alanian guards, is sent in to rescue her. Bavius succeeds but there are more calamitous events that will soon befall Adorya, turning them against each other at the hands of an unknown force. When the evil Anakhi and their queen launch an attack against Adorya, it will take every Guardian and the military to defend the empire. In the midst of this chaos, a family comes undone and the Guardian Kaina must make a choice concerning her soulmate should she ever hope to free the world and people she loves from darkness.


Epic journeys, battles and profound tales of love and loss abound in Fawcetta, a world of mystery, drama, deceit and romance sure to be entertaining for all readers.

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Unfaireness for self-published author

I wanted to have someone to review my book. I was searching for days.

I understand I have to pay someone to get my reviews. That is not my point.

My point today is…Some sites say that if you are self-published author, please do not waste your time and money to send us for review copy. We do not have time for those titles. We ONLY review published author by publisher.

What is this? What is the difference?

You are saying that self-published author’s book is not worth for them? What if they have better story than those people? Can you think about any possibilities?

I was annoyed by them. Yes, I am self-published author…That does  not mean my story is not worth selling than those author with publisher.

I was very shocked..but , hey, if you can success, then you can tell them…YES, I am SELF-PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

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Waiting for Press release

I am waiting for a press release to come.  Why press release is important?

Well, you can get a lot of attention from media. There are couple of sites that submit press release for free.

I think it is PRAvenue. I will send out my press release through them and let you know the results.

If you have to pay some of the money, PRWeb is the best one. Reason why I am saying is that I searched many places…and read so many people’s blog.

PRWeb is the best so far.

While I am waiting for my press release to be written, I decided to promote my book by Twitter.

You can promote your book without  breaking your bank.  I know, having money makes it  a lot easier, but you can still work on it without your money.

That is my goal until I get my press release.

If you are self-publisher and working on your book, let me know your tactics!

I will be more than happy to try new way of promoting the book.

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Promoting my book as a self-published author

9781449013202_cover.inddI was thinking about promoting my book with radio today.

I called many radio stations for 30 seconds ad too see how expensive. Well, it was about $900.  I felt that it was way too much for me to pay right now.  You know, being a self-publisher,  you need to do so much stuff.

Pay for printing,  after the product is ready, you have to do marketing. So, you need to have press-release, business cards, and press kits…….Making these are not cheep. After you are ready for marketing, do not forget, you still need a good review for your book.

Where can you get the review of your book?  Well…if you want a decent one for your SELF-published book, you actually have to pay. Many people do only published author from actual publishing company. Others will do, but you still end up waiting for 3 months or so to process. If you are in a hurry, you have to pay someone…then, they will write your review within a month.  If you ask someone to review your book, you still have to pay the shipping. It is not cheap, isn’t it??

After considering my budget and everything, I decided to promote my book online. Not a traditional way of marketing. It is too expensive for me to afford traditional way.

As I wrote it before, without the effort, any book will not succeed…it does not matter if a book is really good or not…If you do not market it right, the book will die.

Anyway, right now, I am waiting for my press release to arrive. I ordered one from my publisher. After I get it, I will submit it through PRWeb.

Then, I will write more about how is it going.

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Promote your book with blog…is it possible?

I am a self-published author. I should promote my book in any ways possible.

I do not know much about online world including blogging. One of my friends told me to promote my book by using a blog. Then, I came across with this question;

Is it possible to promote my book by using a blog?

Answer is maybe… Some people said that it is time consuming, but if you make a time for blog and do the effort, people will follow you.  Right….so, doing anything is a time consuming and effort. It is just same thing as doing marketing offline. All you need is you have to care about the project, in this case, your blog. Ok…I will make it..and say yes to the question by the September of next year.

It is a worth to try…Blog is a free, anyway. What do I lose from this?

-Nothing.  Besides, my motto is you cannot say anything unless you really try it.

So, Let’s see.

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Some of the Fantasy movies are wired

I saw Harry Potter today.

I was watching it and made me think about Harry. Why he did not use his magic when the house was burning? If he is the greatest wizard, how come he does not use his skill when he needed?

I liked the movie and books, however the particular sceen did not make any sense.

Then, I watched the new movie trailer,Avatar, directed by James Cameron.

Ok…Fantasy story…I understand.

Why many fantasy movie character needs that kind of ear? Like  Startrek, Lord of the Rings and this movie…Do you guys think that the ear makes better for the movie? Or that kind of Alien would bring you a success??

I felt some of the fantasy movies are wired.

Maybe next time, when I write a book, I should put some kind of alien…so, my book will be a best seller….just kidding.

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Fawcetta is Now Available!

9781449013202_cover.inddFinally, My book , Fawcetta is on sale at http://www.amazon.com  and http://www.bn.com.

I am very happy to see that my book is listed on two major websites.

It was very exciting for me to finish writing the manuscript, but it is more exciting to see my book is on-sale.

I can finally touch my book.

It was my dream to have my work published.

Yeah…people look down on my book because it was self-published. But hey, I can say now that I am a published author.

Besides, how many people can actually pursue their dream in their life time?

I can at least say , I did.

My dream book is next to me now.

I am very happy.

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